Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Awesome is Batman you ask?

I know sometimes you think "gosh, what can Batman NOT do?". Well apperantly he can't eat FREAKEN nachos! ( yeah i know dude everybody loves NACHOS! ). Have you ever really asked yourself that?. If you have played Batman Arkham Asylum you know what the hell im talking about, he is fully prepared for EVERYTHING!!. Batman takes the Joker just lock him in, i highly doubt he was especting a total nutso brake out, not to mention halfway thru the game he busts out the perfect line "Thank god i built a secret lair under the Asylum" how convinient.


 I loved this game, the graphics are absolutely amazing. However i cant help to notice that this dude has a gun for everything. Can't reach THAT wall? Batman has a gun to bring the wall to you!. Too lazy to go after the crazy prisoners? No Problem!! he has a gun that launch Proximity Bombs, now all you have to do is hide in the dark and throw your totally handy Sonar Batarang and wait for the idiots to blow themselves (of course Batman doesnt kill so it only knocks them uncouncious ) WTF??

Batman should be doing infomercials. I can see it now....
Cant get that annoying fat cat off your tree?? With the new Batman Cat grabber you can scratch all your problems away! or Your car run out of gas? Batman has a device that tricks the car to think its full!

Batman will always be awesome, but there comes a point where you gotta stop and think "Batman has WAY too many guns & gadgets." Do you not agree?

Think about it...meanwhile you come up with an answer to write BELOW watch this video of Batman screaming "BATMAN DOES NOT EAT NACHOS" Enjoy.


  1. If you play Arkham City he does admit to Alfred that he cannot carry all the gadgets he would like, he has tried before and it slows him down. Arkham City is even better than Arkham Asylum!