Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Accidental Heroes??

hmmm....makes you wonder...

Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Hulk, Captain America...these are all heroes that we have come to love.
From climbing over walls to becoming invincible these are powers our loved heroes accidentally "enherited" *Ahem* Acquired. But would you really call them heroes if the way they gained their powers was by accident?

I MEAN....in reality being a hero isnt about what you have or your super power but more about the good intention to better or help someone. RIGHT?? but who really falls for that crap right? The Youth of today (including myself here) want to see action, gore, a super hero being able to totally brake you in half with one FREAKEN FINGER Im getting a little ahead of myself...N.E.WAYS!

Take Spiderman for example. Lonely highschool nerd who got bitten by a radioactive spider. Do you think if Uncle Ben hadnt died he would have persued the "HERO" life? Think about it, highschool kid who strangely didnt die from a freaken radioactive spiderbite DUDE, now suddenly gets buff and walks on walls which not to mention he totally develops an awesome sixth sense. His main motive? a girl (as every other savage hormonal teenage boy these days). Peter Parker wants to impress the lovely Mary Jane Watson with a nice car. I cerntainly dont see him ANYWHERE near any superhero life. Uncle Ben had to have a life changing experience (he got blasted by some thugs) to make him see the bigger picture in life. Accidental Hero?? or are you a true believer in faith and think he was meant to be someone regardless of Uncle Ben's unfortunate ending?

I can sit here and totally argue the point BUT i want to know what you guys think.
Am i totally crazy or did these guys get a free ticket to stardom??

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