Monday, July 19, 2010

Comic Utopia

Its simple!

Who doesn't love living in a world of fantasies? who doesnt love getting the hell out of reality? Whether it is your 9-5 job (i have one)

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or your going to school then a part time job (most youngsters agree) you always want to come home to escape into a fantasy. This is why i love COMICS!! I love getting away from what i sometimes feel is a stressful life and enter a world where anything is possible. Sometimes i sit at work and wonder "What if a horde of zombies bashed the front door of my office" (what the hell would i do???) or "What if THOR and The INCREDIBLE HULK totally throw it down mano A mano in front of me??"

Wouldnt that be something. Some people may not agree but i think the imagination is one if not THE most powerful tool a human being contains. This is where i come to play boys! (mahahaha ~evil laugh~) i bring you news and latest updates on comics today + once in a while game coverage and totally awesome funny crap i may find.

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